I’m Horrible

But I at least got PART of the layout customized. I’m slacking lately. Well, in my creative endeavors. My house on the other hand is stinking spotless. I FINALLY got everything unpacked and situated. I would post more, but I have a two year old tugging on the back of my shirt, “Wittle Einsteins, Mommy, Wittle Einsteins.” And taco salad, I am craving taco salad. So, I should probably go cook that.

Sons of Anarchy

First off, I am aware that most people experienced what I am about to describe a few months ago, when Sons of Anarchy was in its final season. At least I hope that I am not the only one who has experienced feeling of NEEDING to know what happens, while at the same time, having to force myself to watch the next episode because sometimes my imagination and empathetic nature get the best of me.

Maybe it’s because I crammed the entire seven seasons into a few weeks instead of over the span of a few years. It all started when I first began our month-long road trip across country for a Christmas trip. I logged close to 4k miles and 10 days in a car. That and Amazon Prime had the first six seasons included in our account. Maybe that’s why I became so attached to the story line and characters. Or is it because of the gritty reality of the characters’ way of life. The less pretty side of life and humanity that we all know exist, but are able to detach ourselves from because it’s not “our” life. Most of us have seen glimpses of it, just enough to know that it’s real, but were able to bury the memory of it.

Maybe I am putting waaaay too much thought and feeling into a fictional show. (Remember the part about imagination and empathy getting the best of me?) So, the writer in me, the analyzer in me, has to know where it goes next. How each situation that the writer has developed, so intricately woven into a much bigger picture, plays out.

Plus, it’s just damn entertaining.

But then, the human in me, the part that knows that these are someone’s realities outside of a writer’s mind. That’s the part that has hard time watching each episode in this last season. The part that covers my eyes when I know one of the major characters is about to suffer agonizing pain, physically or emotionally, as the story line draws to a finale. Loose ends are being tied up. That’s the part that struggles with knowing that humanity is truly capable of this.

So, yeah, that’s my dilemma at Episode 10 of 13 in Season 7, the last season of Sons of Anarchy. Pretty deep stuff. Keep in mind, my words are part sarcasm and part truth.

So, is it just me? Or did anyone else feel torn during the last season of SOA?


I’ve been absent from the blog-o-sphere for almost five years now after being a part of the scene for well over a decade. I was a “blogger” back before it was cool and there were no such things as CMS. We had blogs to show off our mad Photoshop skills and to feel as if we belonged to something new and something great. Isn’t that the way it is with all young teenagers? To feel like we are doing something great, something that matters? I suppose. But, sadly, I am no longer a thirteen year old girl whose biggest worry is that my “deep poetry” is being seen by the masses. Oh, how I sometimes wish.

Nope, fast forward more than 15 years and I am now in my early thirties, a SAHM with two kiddos embarking on the great adventure that is homeschooling. I have an amazing best friend that I am also lucky to call husband, partner, lover. I go by many titles and I have many “hobbies.” I’m not sure yet where apostrophic will lead or what it will become, but that’s part of the fun, right? The not knowing, the discovery? I’m looking forward to it and I hope some of you are too, whether you are family just checking in from the wild blue (err…brown?) yonder or friends that I met long ago when I first discovered the great wide web.

I promise it will be fun…..and I promise that we will all learn something new. ♥